Monday, March 08, 2010

Sad News..

My grandfather passed away yesterday and it has had me a little on the teary side today. I found out late last night and my wonderful husband game me a priesthood blessing. This was a great comfort to me. He has known how hard it has been for me because I wasn't able to visit my grandparents in california because of our circumstances the last few years. I had hoped to visit them this summer and as I had warning that he might pass soon-I kept hoping that I'd get to see my grandfather one last time before he went home. I know that it was my Heavenly Fathers' will that he is now at peace and no longer struggling with his health. I truly hope my Grandmother finds the comfort and strength she needs. She is a miraculous woman and has always been hardworking while still remaining a lady. I am so very thankful my mom was able to fly down yesterday and spend the afternoon with him before he passed. What a wonderful gift time is sometimes. I hope that we all take the time that is needed to make sure our loved ones know they are loved by us. Sorry for this post being a little on sad side-I'm not much of a facebook teller myself so I opt for my blog to relieve my built up feelings.


Jake and Angie said...

I am so sorry Arin!

The McGary's said...

So sorry to hear that Arin! It is tough, my Grandma passed yesterday as well. Harder than I thought it would be. Praying for your family.