Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Girls new dresser=more space for all !!

So Amber and Whitney have been sharing this small 4 drawer dresser since Amber was born and as they've gotten older-it has been more difficult to fit all of their clothes in it. As sad as it sounds-Brooke's dresser is a small rubbermaid 4 drawer stackable storage unit. So with the baby soon on it's way it was time to upgrade everyone. Move Brooke and baby's clothes into the 4 drawer dresser and find something more spacious for the bigger girls.
Here was our craigslist find:
A bigger 5 drawer dresser
Here is the dresser after sanding and paint-Thanks Joe!!


Paul and Celeste said...

Looks great, guys! We need to do the same thing.

The Perkins said...

Looks good. I am dreading the idea of sanding and painting Em's new/old bed, but I think you have inspired me. It looks all nice and shiney and clean---great job momma!!!

David and Kira said...

I like it!!!