Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simplify More??

Does anyone else get a little depressed when Holiday shopping. Just thinking about Christmas shopping for my kids has got me anxious. My kids have so many toys that it's so hard to think about adding to the load. Everyyear we have them go through and tell us what they want to get rid of and some things we have to secretly do away with on our own. Even with this, it seems we still have more than enough. I think about people who have both sons and daughters-they must have quite alot of toys; some for each gender. My girls share most of their toys and even during christmas they get joint gifts. I am very close to buying each one toy and the rest clothing or things that can't get stranded around a room very easily-like a picture to hang on their wall. Yeah what a pooh of a mom i am. In the olden days children were happy with just a rag doll-why can't our lives be as simplistic as it was back then? Why can't it be? I am always trying to simplify and when I hear that word I imagine a one room cabin-with only furniture in it, three sets of clothing per person, and the Good Book. What would it be like to have to just clean that everyday?? Am I alone in wishing this?


Jake and Angie said...

I agree with you about simplifing, (sorry don't know how to spell), however my kids have tons of toys, clothes, and books, We go thru the toys at least 4 times a year. And I went for the toy route this year..... But I bought most of them on clearance. They also have Aunts and Uncles that spoil them too. So obviously I have been no help.

NaDell said...

Just today I went online and found just one or two toys for each of them for Christmas. I decided that it's so much better to just get two nice toys instead of four $10 toys that get discarded this year.
Both girls also are very decisive about what they wanted this year, so that made it easier. (Barbie car and Pet shop house). They don't really need more toys either, but one from us, one from Santa, + ones from Grandparents and cousins. That should be more than enough. Especially with more birthdays coming.
I am really trying to get toys that are better for their imaginations though. I don't like ones that do all the thinking for them. In other years, I've given them puzzles and games and educational things.
Sorry so long.

Mikaela said...

I'm right there with you. A friend of mine gives her kids 3 gifts, total! Then stocking stuffers...She said they set the price limit for what they'll spend, total per kid, and then they get their 3 gifts based on that. She is pretty frugal, so I think her average is about 75 bucks per not bad...I'm ready to adopt this too. Get 1 gift, then 2 smaller ones and some stocking stuffers. I think when kids are little, you can do this because they just get used to always only getting that man. I'm right there with you though, we don't really need toys! I think McKay's getting a kids camera since he plays with ours so much, and then maybe a movie or's gonna be low-key...he doesn't need anything!

Em and Ms said...

Matt's cousin Danyelle had a great idea that I want to adopt for our family. They give each kid 4 gifts that fall under the categories of "Want, Need, Wear, Read." That's it! They also give one or two Santa gifts. It keeps it nice and simple, equal for the kids, and you don't end up with a ton of stuff you don't need. They have fun coming up with things for each category, and the kids know what to expect.