Tuesday, November 04, 2008


They must be discussing voting at school because Whitney has been asking me on a regular basis when i was going to vote and who I would be voting for. So this morning after dropping the girls off to school I took Brooke with me to Whitney's school and voted-I had put Brooke in the stroller but she just screamed. So here I am with a ten month old in my left arm-pushing the empty stroller with my right and trying to juggle my ballot inbetween. I was thinking "great this is going to work-just punch in the holes and be done," then I find out that my ballot was one that you had to fill in the circles manually with a black markerpen-and that the booth was one of those light cardboard booths that can easily be knocked over. Lets just say that the process took forever and that my left arm was close to falling off by the time we reached the car. I now have on my "I voted" sticker to show for my troubles and to show Whitney when I pick her up. By voting I feel it demonstrates my appreciation for those that made my right to vote happen. I was telling Whitney this morning that Women haven't always been able to vote and neither have African Americans. It is a great thing to be able to help choose our leaders and the way our country is run. Every vote makes a difference. It was neat to share that with her this morning and see her excitement about what an important thing it is. She can't wait until she can vote now!

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Em and Ms said...

Good for you for voting and for making it a teaching moment. That kind of struggle is part of the reason we vote absentee :)