Sunday, November 30, 2008

My crazy family get together!

Thanksgiving happened at my house this year. We had a lot of fun cooking/eating/sleeping/and playing games-as my family does whenever we get together. Here is my sisters April and Arica and I taking a few pictures.
But that's not all-We went Iceblocking. Yep-it was 50 degrees at the warmest and we bought 5 blocks of ice and headed up to Simplot Hill. For those of you who have never heard of ice blocking-it's fairly simple to explain. You sit on an iceblock and slide down a hill-alot like sledding-its' alot of fun in the summer when it's warmer and the ice melts-getting the grass wet and making it more slick-but it works in any weather-as proven below. It was a lot of fun-Joe and I were the only ones who had done it before-so the rest came with feelings of apprehension and not exactly knowing what to expect or what kind of skill it required. They soon found out and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Aldo-can you tell he's having fun??Arica-waving to the crowd below
You are never to young to learn how to ride a block of ice
Michael Joe and I chillin'Jerry demostrating perfect form
Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Holiday and next time try something new!!


NaDell said...

The ice blocking looks like a lot of fun!
Good to see Arica! What's she up to? I haven't heard from her since her daughter was born a few years ago. (I saw her right before that was supposed to happen.)
Can you give her my email?

Jake and Angie said...

That looks so much fun, It's so much fun when most of the family gets together. Plus you guys are all crazy!

Mikaela said...

That looks so fun...I have never actually done it before...sad, but true! Glad you guys had a great turkey day, and I love the pictures of you, April, and Arica. Your hair all looks great...very jealous, for sure!