Thursday, October 30, 2008


I met with my school district and they have decided after testing-and observing Amber for a week that she is eligible for the early-intervention preschool and gets to start going to school regularly next week. It will be so nice for her to get the help she needs to catch up with the other kids her age. Her language is continually improving-but she still hasn't said too many 6 word sentences and she still uses jargon to fill in gaps. On the other hand-she loves to count and can actually count up to 20. She is doing alot more by herself-because I make her. I don't help her put her shoes on anymore-next will be her socks-if i make her put them on herself-she usually will skip them altogether and just wear her shoes without yes, i still put them on. Don't want those little toes to go cold. And she is also really showing that she wants to do things by herself which makes it really easy for me-I no longer have to provide motivation or reasons "why" when she acts this way. Most of the kids that get into this program no longer need special education when they go into Kindergarten and that is our goal for Amber. She has a really great teacher and speech pathologist working with her and I am sure that every month that passes we will get to see her grow and blossom!!


Em and Ms said...

That's so great that you can get help for her this early. I'm sure she'll do great. And she's so cute! Love that picture.

Jake and Angie said...

She will have so much fun! Kyrah saw her picture, and wants to be her friend!

Mikaela said...

I am so happy you had her tested! It can be a stressful thing, but I know she's going to make a ton of progress, so good for her, and for you! If you ever need to talk, let me know, I've been there, wait, I'm STILL there! I hope she enjoys school! :) Keep us updated, and does she go to kindergarten next year? I'm thinking, yes!