Friday, October 24, 2008

Adults still play childhood games

So my sistah tagged me for this one, so here goes:

1. When I get crumbs or salt on my hands from eating fries, brownies, etc.-i rub and flick my fingers together to shake them off-before using a napkin.
2. I have always wanted to design clothes
3. My pinky fingers are crooked
4. I really do think boys play more loudly than girls. (disagree if you want-it's just my opinion based on my experiences)
5. My parents got my middle name from the girl who won the Jr. Miss pageant the year I was born-i'm not joking.
6. Since having kids-my gag reflex is super-sensitive.
7. I always felt my maiden name was difficult to say

Now that you know more about me..
I tag Celeste, Angie, Brooke, Heidi, Nadell, Emily, and Emmalee.

1 comment:

Mikaela said...

Was that Dannette Sealy? lol! That's the only one I've heard of...haha! Love your quirks!