Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Twosie Tag.
Two names you go by: Arin, aronius pk
Two things you're wearing right now: dance pants, comfy socks
Two things you'd want or have in a relationship: Communication Laughter
Two of your favorite things to do: Read and dance
Two things you want very badly right now: no whiny kids, a house to live in
Two things you did last night: Enrichment, confiscated a five year old's dollhouse
Two things you ate yesterday: tacos, cereal
Two things you did today: retrieved pain medicine for hubby, fed and dressed baby
Two longest car rides: Salt Lake to Phoenix, SaltLake to Moscow Idaho
Two favorite Holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving
Two favorite beverages: water and mug rootbeer
Two things about me: I am very patient, I like to be competitive-in a good fair way
Two jobs I've had in my life: dance instructor and secretary
Two places I've lived: Rexburg and Moscow Id
Two of my favorite foods: banana cream pie shake from DQ and onion rings
Two places I'd rather be right now: Our previous residence, or on vacation to Hawaii
I now get to tag 2 people to do my twosies tag. I tag Nicole and Angie

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Angie said...

My kids love the cookie idea