Monday, January 21, 2008

Seven years ago we looked like this....

Seven years ago in January, Joe and I went on our first I thought I would put down in pictures what happened since then.....

Dance at Ricks College April 2001

We got engaged May 2001
Our engagement Picture June 2001
We got married Aug 17th 2001

Whitney was born June 2002

Amber was born August 2004

Halloween 2004

Bought our first house Fall 2005

Started this blog
Spring 2006


Melissa said...

Cook pictures Arin. I think in the picture with Whitney as a new born, in the back ground is my MOM! Was that picture taken at a family reunion? you guys look the same! I can't believe how time flies. Take care.

arin said...

Actually it's Joe's aunt and uncle in the background-we are at his brother's mission farewell luncheon. We left right afterwards to move to moscow you had to get our key to our apt. for us remember. good times.