Monday, January 28, 2008

Hoooray!!!!! and OUCH :- (

So we had two major occurances happen this week. First Amber is now potty trained-I am so excited. I don't even have to remind her unless when we are out of the house and I'm nervous she won't tell me she has to go. She still wears pull ups at night-mostly because I don't want to be constantly washing her bedding in case she has an accident. So I am jumping for joy . Now the second event was a little more on the sober side. Joe fell down on the ice last wednesday and compressed two of the vertebrae in his back. He goes to see a spinal surgeon tomorrow for a consult to tell him what his limitations will/should be and what can be done. So I have pretty much done everything and I now know how exhausting twins would have been had we had them. Right now I have four children and the biggest one is almost more demanding than the smallest. But I don't mind since I love them all so much and Joe gets to see that I don't sit around all day watching soap operas and eating bon bons.


Brian and Jenn said...

Hi Arin! So I look at your blog quite frequently. I have lots of fun seeing what everyone is up to. That's too bad about Joe. Hopefully, he'll be back on his feet soon. That is a lot of work for you. Anyways, just wanted to say Hi. I'm slowly, but surely trying to figure this blog stuff out. I just don't have a lot of time to myself to post things.

Melissa said...

Sorry about Joe! HOORAY for Amber-that's a great thing!! and I now tag you for the Twosies tag. (see my blog) Take care,

Angie said...

I hope Joe feels better, and I hope you stay sane.

Mikaela said...

Hey, that stinks about Joe. Sorry I couldn't help out w/ the kiddos today! I felt really bad. How long do they expect the recovery? Oh, and next week, we're so hitting mobius or something one afternoon w/ the kids. I've got 5 free passes to use up before Feb 15th. So pick a day after Tuesday and we can go, well if you want! It would be fun!

arin said...

you will have to let me know what your blog page is so I can see yours as well.

That would be fun to go to Mobius since we talked about going when we first moved here and haven't gone yet. And I know Joe wouldn't mind have a few hours to himself of peace an quiet. The girls can get awful noisy.

heather said...

Hey there arin!How are you busy busy as I read.Sorry to hear about your husband.Giz and my mother-in-law have both had back surgrey here lately and are doing great.Congratulations on the pottie is a job.I have been told boys are eaisier then girls I have 3 boys.I got 1 more time to do and then that is it!!!!!!Well I miss and love ya tell the family I said hello.I miss ya'll,We are trying to plan a trip.Miss and love ya
Heather Madrid