Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ten things

Okay so i saw another blogger had posted a list of ten things they splurge on and ten things they save i decided to do the same and challenge everyone else to share their comments or put your lists up on your own websites.
Okay so the ten save on items were the easiest for me since i really am more of a saver than a spender
1. Food- 10for10 cereal deals at Albertsons plus add coupons and we get our cereal for about 50 cents a box-we buy at least 20-30 boxes enough to last us until the next sale.
2. For craft stuff and coloring supplies-we hit the $ stores.
3. Diapers and wipes-we buy the walmart and equate brands
4. Oil changes-we go through all of those coupon books we get in the mail and find the best deal
5. Make-up $30-40 and I am good for six months-honest.
6. Haircuts-i cut the girls hair and joes myself.
7. Movies-we usually check them out at our library versus renting/buying them. Free yeah!!
8. Cleaners-i buy the concentrated Mr. clean multisurface and fill old windex bottles to use around the house. I can't believe how much i save doing this one. I go through cleaners quick.
9. Ink for our printer-i buy a refill kit-its so much cheaper (5 refills for $10 vs 1 new cartridge $17)
10. Laundry detergent-we buy the arm and hammer brand-it works great for us-and our clothes come out cleaner with this than other brands-it's nice when the cheaper stuff works great. You can also sprinkle it on your carpet and then vacuum to deodorize a room.

Okay here are my ten items i splurge on

1. Hair cut-for a trim i go to the ten dollar place but for a hair cut i splurge.
2. Cars-spend the money and buy the most reliable car within your budget.
3. Face wash-I love oil of olay regenerist line, works better than anything else i have tried. A little goes a long way which is one reason i don't mind splurging for it.
4. Dance shoes, okay ballroom shoes-buy nice brand and they last 10 times longer and are more comfy.
5. Crayola washable crayons-the cheap ones aren't really washable-didn't need to learn that lesson twice.
6. Nylons-I have tried buying the cheapo kind-but they run so easily.
7. Bras-if it fits perfectly i try not to look too carefully at the price tag. (Especially when my size is hard to find)
8. Whitney's jeans-and Joes shirts they are both irregular sizes in these that we have to pay more for them.
9. Date dinner-we do not go to mcdonalds, if we are going out to eat that means a place which makes better stuff than i can make at home.
10. Appliances-I figure you get what you pay for here.

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