Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bigger and bigger

I am only two pounds shy of when I had amber, so I wonder with two months left to go how big this next baby is going to be. Hopefully I won't grow too much more, I am already uncomfortable. Fall weather is here and I am loving it, Halloween is around the corner and the spirit of autumn can be seen in all of the color changes in the trees-it really is lovely. Our house hasn't sold yet-so hopefully that means that right buyer just hasn't come along yet and not some other reason. We are both anxious to be in a house again. I would say to anyone who is in a house and has complaints about it-they should move into an apartment half it's size for two months. We are going to visit my parents this weekend for conference so it will be nice to get out of this little box for the weekend and feel a little more freedom.

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ashersjane said...

Hope you have a good time! I'll call sometime on Saturday and talk. TTFN!