Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Apple Festival

We took the girls to apple festival this weekend. We packed a picnic and headed off to the nearby farms involved. The girls got to ride a little train-Amber had to get off half way through because it jounced her around so much that at one time she was facing backwards and anothertime she fell into the barrell completely unseen by us-and had started to cry. We made up for that though in letting the girls go down a giant blowup slide they had set up-they really enjoyed that. Also they had to pet the draft horses being used for the hay rides. We picked raspberries- and paid a really decent price for them, yeah!!! I mad freezer jam that very night. We also bought apples ofcourse but decided to skip the long lines weighing pumpkins and buy them at the store instead-a little closer to Halloween. We also witnessed a pumpkin being launched 1/4 mile by a canon -men and their toys. It was a full day and the girls were easily put to bed that night.

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