Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So our appraisal came back better than we expected so we are very pleased about that. Tomorrow i am leaving for my dance competition so i've been doing laundry and packing. I didn't make it to the temple yesterday because i knew i'd be too tired to make it through the rest of the day with only 5 hrs of sleep. Hopefully i will get to go sometime soon with Joe..probably after everything dies down a bit. I am really excited about this weekend because I will get to visit with family from both sides of our family. It is still going to be exhausting so we'll see how much running around i will get to cram into this trip, especially with the girls. Mom will be coming with me so she can keep me sane and grounded and still bring laughter along. I will let everyone know how i do on my next post.

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ashersjane said...

What???? Mom keep you sane????