Monday, April 17, 2006


Here is a picture of the girls and Joe before Church Easter morning. Dont' you just love the look on Joe's face...amber was trying to get down. We had a picture of all of us in it but joe deleted it. He had a funny look on his face and amber was crying. The Easter bunny hid eggs around the living room and down the hallway from their room. The Bunny had a late night saturday due to children not being asleep. Amber and Whitney share a room now and Amber has learned to climb out of her crib. We had a busy weekend cleaning and tending the yard for the appraisal of our house. We want to refinance and so are hoping that it appraises for a good amount over what we paid for it. At least we will know where we stand before digging into all of the home improvements we have planned. Our stake has set a goal to fill every session for this month and i have signed up for the 5 am session tomorrow. Hopefully the girls are good and fall asleep quickly so mommy gets some rest before 3:30 comes around.

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ashersjane said...

It is a great thing Easter pictures. It is seriously crazy how much Whitney looks like you. INSANE. Amber however is a good mix of you and Joe. Well hope you are having a good week!