Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ballroom Competition

Okay so here are the results from my competition last weekend. I got 10th in gold american Cha cha, 11th in Gold Int. Cha cha. 12th in the Lindyhop and 13th in WestCoast swing. We made it to all of the semi-final rounds and had alot of fun just dancing without the stess of routines. I dance those with Arica's husband Jerry since she is on Maternity Leave. I also did well in the country swing..placing 7th. I do have to say that there are politics at this particular college comp..BIG TIME. Which is why my team was the only one to show up for it. Everyone else is sick of the unfair judging. So really how i was ranked doesn't really say anything to me. I would really like to know my fair rankings so i would know which dance to work on more and which one i can slack on a bit. As for my team matches, we did okay overall..I knew we weren't going to win because we are up against kids who have technique classes as often as our team meets just for practice. Still I was very unimpressed with their routines and performance quality. Arica was right when she said the ballroom program there is declining. What made me upset was they allowed their tour team, back up and a group of old/current (misfits)members to compete individually against both of my teams as a whole. Next time I think our B team will compete as a seperate unit too.. it would give alot more kids on my team the opportunity to dance solo style. Anyway i did have fun and was very glad that i didn't prepare anything before hand because i doubt it would have changed our placement at all. So there is my Competition Rent and Ravings-- I will try to post some pictures of the team and me and Jerry competing.

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