Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am getting soo behind on my blogging...not certain if it's just being crazy busy-being pregnant or just that sometimes Facebook seems an easier social network to send out news on.  Our summer has finally started- Whitney's last day of school was a week ago and it's been so nice having her home.  I've been keeping the kids busy doing their daily chores in hopes of establishing some kind of routine-next on their schedule is homework.  We have been doing a reading challenge-put on by mom where they earn some spare change for reading (although whitney can earn extra by writing book reoports).  I hope that this becomes something that they all enjoy doing and at the same time they are building their reading skills and as they earn coins-possible lesson in saving, smart spending, and ofcourse tithing as well.   Brooke has 10 more days before her cast comes off and I am so excited!!  No more telling her she can't jump on the trampoline, or play on the playground equipment, or go swimming.  She will once again be walking and jumping and alot more independent. My body for one will be happy not to have to lift her with my preggo belly anymore.  Speaking of Pregnancy-I am feeling a bit better-still nauseated all day-but better.  We are still struggling with choosing a name for our new little girl-and with three girls that already are so different in coloring and personality, i think we won't make the final decision until after this one is born.  I cannot wait to see what she looks like and snuggle her.   I held my friends newborn the other day and it just made me more anxious for her arrival.  9 more weeks to go -I am hoping 7's so close yet so far away.  It's still hard to believe that our family will finally be complete.  And is my tradition when nearing the end of my pregnancy-I get my hair cut-this time I went for layers and sideswept bangs!  So far I really like it-Can you believe my hair was almost waist length??  I so needed to get that extra weight off!!

And as June is our Parade/Festival month-we got the chance to hit the Emmet Cherry Festival for the very first time-And we came across this-They were doing free pictures and so since Joe is a Nascar fan and Trevor loves cars-they had to get their picture taken-and ofcourse the girls didn't want to miss out either.  So here is a belly shot of me-with my old hairstyle and my two sweet older girls.  
Brooke wasn't interested whatsoever.

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