Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Life never slows down...

Round 2 of Brooke's foot surgeries:
She finally got a pink cast this time around-yay.  You should have seen her expression last time she woke up to find a blue cast on her other foot-just slightly upset (understatement). Because she's had this done before to her other foot-she is dealing alot better with knowing what she can and can't do.  Although it is kind of tricky lifting her at times (28 weeks pregnant)-she gets around pretty okay in her wheelchair. She did however break out in a really bad rash while she still had her softcast on and was itching like mad-waking up every hour in the middle of the night for 3 nights straight.  She was on benadryl/zyrtek and hydrocortisone cream for a good week before it started clearing-and when they put her hard cast on the dr had to give her a sterroid cream for the skin we weren't able to treat beneath the cast.   So we know she's allergic to something (either the bandages, the iodine or perhaps latex?).  We will have to do a patch test at some point to find out for sure what, since she will have to do more surgeries in the future.  Yippee.  Her next batch of surgeries will be when she's 6 yrs old- and that will deal more with the bone structure of her ankles/feet.  One her cast is off we get to take her back into to get "put out" again-so they can mold her feet for orthodics.  Because she is quite tempermental-it is easier to do can't tell in this picture but she puts up a pretty hefty fight.

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