Wednesday, June 02, 2010


My family with my Grandmother
My grandfather passed away a few months ago and my family decided to hold a memorial service for him on Memorial Day weekend so down to California we went. This is my mother's side and I haven't seen some of them for a good long while-not since Jr. high and some longer than that. It was so nice to see everybody again and catch up. I was a little apprehensive about my large family (4 kids is large if you aren't LDS). But all in all they did okay. The trip down took a bit longer than we had anticipated as we wanted to schedule bathroom breaks around the time we'd feed the baby-but Whitney thought she needed to go every hour for the first half of the trip...and she soon realized that there wasn't rest areas that frequent along the way. My brother flew in from Germany and my sister Ashley flew in from Arizona and I hadn't seen either in two years so it was nice to see them and meet Ash's daughter Carly for the first time. She treated me with a Pedicure Friday night-the first one I ever had done. Thanks sis!!Saturday was the Memorial Service and it ws very nice. My favorite was the slideshow my cousin put together of my grandpa. Later we had a nice dinner in my Aunts backyard and visited with family. My grandfather was an amazing person and will be missed. I didn't get much sleep at all on this trip -waking up to feed baby plus Saturday night Brooke came down with a nasty stomach bug and was throwing up all night. Needless to say I went to the nearest laundromat and washed as much as I could so we didn't have to smell puke all the way home. Sunday we spent in quarantine at the hotel-hopefull that no one else would get whatever Brooke had. . Monday we packed up and spent about an hour or two saying our goodbyes and taking pictures-knowing that it will probably be a good while before we will see each other again.

Grandma liked to hold Trevor alot!My parents and siblings +niece CarlyMy siblings (Me, April,Ashley,Arica, Austin)

At the hotel

Brooke slept alot..poor thing.

My parents with grandmaA picture of everyone taking pictures.he he

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Jake and Angie said...

It's nice that you were all able to get together! Sorry that Brooke was sick. That happened to us last time we went on vacation, I got sick and so did Kyrah. Not fun at all!