Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wonderful News!!

So Trevor had an MRI Tuesday and this morning the Dr. called with the results to say that everything looks good. I had noticed Trevors eyes shift back and forth involuntarily at times and was concerned. I took him into the dr and she said it looked like it could be Nystagmus or even Opsoclonus and that we should do an MRI to make certain that there weren't any brain tumors or anything wrong with the optic nerves as well. Our kids have a 50% chance of inheriting Gorlins syndrome-Joe has it-and children can develop brain tumors. So with the factors we felt it was necessary to check and make sure about the tumors. She also prepared me for the fact that because he wasn't tracking objects-he could have severe vision impairments. This was disheartening to hear and I went home to tell Joe. Definitely I went through scenarios in my head of what life would be like if Trevor couldn't see and how it would affect his life. It was hard not to.

So we got the MRI scheduled and on Friday saw a Pediatric Opthamologist. The PO said that his eyes looked good-so far-and wanted to watch them a bit longer to see how they developed as the Nystagmus is usally more continuous and that Trevor might just grow out of what we've been seeing plus he should start to track objects in the next few months as well. So we left feeling more hopful about a scary situation. The MRI was done yesterday and the Dr. called me this morning with the news that everything looks great- no tumors or any abnormalities that might affect his vision. So we are so relieved but will still follow up with the Ped. Opth. every few months to be safe.

Just another small miracle in my life and I am so very thankful that the Lord knows how strong I can be and gives me the faith to know that with His help I can handle the trials ahead.
But I did want to say thankyou for all the prayers and concern from family members and close friends. It really was strengthening to hear your words of encouragement and know you were thinking of little Trevor and our family. Although-I'm not certain i should call Trevor little-he's 7 1/2 weeks and weighs 13 1/2 pounds. He's quite the happy healthy little boy!!


David and Kira said...

Such great news!! You never want to hear anything there is anything wrong with your child!!

Em and Ms said...

I'm so glad things are looking good. It's scary to think something might be wrong with your sweet little baby!

The McGary's said...

That is great news!! Hope things continue to look good:)

Erin said...

I'm glad you posted this, Arin. I'm so happy that the MRI results came back so positive!!