Thursday, May 08, 2008

Blue Eyed Beauty!!!

Okay so I have told my sisters about my daughter Brooke's blue eyes and haven't been able to post a picture of them yet that does them justice but I found this picture that does the job close enough; They are a very deep cornflower blue-so pretty -and a little out of the ordinary next to her two brown eyed sisters. Aren't genetics fun!!


Mikaela said...

I hope she's able to keep them. They're so cute! I love that picture of her....did all your girls eyes go dark by this same age? McKay's didn't go greenish until 9 months...he was bright blue up to that point!

Arin said...

The other girls had a dark greyish eye-color when they were born and both had turned brown by this time.

Em & M's said...

Whoa, you're gonna have to keep an eye on that girl in a few years. She's beautiful! Those eyes just pop!

I've been meaning to ask...where's Arica these days? I'd love to get back in contact with her.

Scott and Kelli said...

Such a cute pictures! Your girls are all so beautiful!!

Jake and Angie said...

Cute blue eyes!!
I'm going to answer you here, on your comment. Actually you didn't ask a question. But anyway. Yes Kyrah is really prissy. But she can tackle with the best of them. I have to have another girl, so Kyrah doesn't think she is spoiled rotten.