Monday, November 03, 2014

WOMEN-WHO you are-How you are treated?

I'm just curious-How many of you women if money was no issue-would choose to be a stay at home mom or to work???  Here is how I feel about it. As a woman-I do not feel inferior to men because I choose to stay home with my children. I do feel empowered because I will be able to teach my children to be responsible citizens because I will know that when they are in my house under MY care-I will know what they have learned.  I won't have to worry about what someone else is teaching them at Daycare or what kind of bad habit they will pick up at a young age or whether they will be missing mommy.  I get to decide what they learn and how and teach them respect, manners and self sufficiency. I get to volunteer in their school classrooms and supplement what they aren't learning there at home-because I know.  My kids will see a mother who cares for them more than money. My kids will see a father who works hard to provide that for them among all the other temporal needs they have.  Because both parents love them more than a bigger house, a second vehicle, a dream vacation, newest released electronic, or even cable tv.  I understand those who work out of necessity because they have to-they are a widow, divorced, their husband is unemployed or there just isn't enough at the end of the month. I get that-I even run a small direct sales business myself to help pay for things for my own family-but i get to choose my hours and when I work. And I don't have to do it if i don't want to.  If finances weren't an issue-and you women had a choice to stay at home with your kids or have a career-which would you want to do????   Am I alone in feeling that raising my kids is my responsibility?  Think about the % of time you actually interact with your kids on a weekly basis....(not counting when they are sleeping).  Are you raising your kids-or is someone else???  Do you want to raise your kids or are you happy handing that off to someone else??
ALSO I am so tired of the argument that Women aren't equal with MEN.  As time has gone on this feminine way of thinking is making a few things less and less observed in our culture. Women aren't respected as women as much because of women trying to be like men.  Why do we do this to ourselves.  I love being a woman-I love dressing up when the occasion calls for it-lace is so feminine!! I love taking care of my kids!! I love when a gentleman opens the door for me out of respect to my gender. I love  how when I was younger boys were taught to not speak foul language in front of women, to let them go ahead in line, etc. I don't want to be a man. I don't want to lose being treated like a lady.  I absolutely love that my husband wants to protect me-even though I don't feel that I am weak-i recognize he is physically stronger and that he instinctively takes on that role.  I love that I am tender-hearted and compassionate and want to be there for my friends always. Am a I in the minority of women-am I just a lost romantic?  If women want to be equal to men-then they shouldn't complain when they start being treated like men.  I however want to be a woman-and want to be treated like a lady. So lets here it ladies-what is your opinion???

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NaDell Ransom said...

I agree with you. Of course there are exceptions, but I think our desire should be to raise our children so we know they are learning everything they need to know (religiously, educationally, and socially.) So many kids don't have that foundation and cling to anyone who gives them even a little of it (hugs from strange kids at school when you volunteer?)
I was never, ever told or treated as though a woman isn't equal to a man, so I don't understand all of that. We are different and equal. And most of the statistics the studies use to say women's pay isn't equal is skewed as well.
I work in the evenings when my husband is home several nights a week and he gets to help them get off to bed and it's good to get out, but I would stay home if we didn't have so many bills.