Wednesday, September 04, 2013


I get compliments all of the time about my jewelry I wear and I absolutely love telling them THANK YOU IT'S ONLY $5!!! Then I wait for that moment when their shock turns into curiosity and then explain that I sell Paparazzi Jewelry. I don't post much about my business on my blog....but I HAVE TO right now before the SHOPPING season is upon us!!!  In August I got to go to Las Vegas for Paparazzi's Convention where they showcased their new Fall line and I have to tell you it is GORGEOUS!  Even though I have been a consultant for almost 2 years, I am still in awe that this jewelry is $5 and NICKEL and LEAD FREE!!
 It is fabulous and Paparazzi is always adding new items. This fall they have added Hippie Headbands- I am so excited about these because my daughters have larger than normal heads (off the charts because of Gorlins syndrome) and are growing out of the Regular U shaped headbands I sell.  Brooke still wears the regular ones everyday and I was dreading the day that they no longer worked for her--Amber hit that milestone even before I knew about Paparazzi Accessories.  Anyway the headbands are going to be excellent for them and anyone else who wants a different look and you can do so many things with them-so much fun.

They also added some more Lanyard styles-AMAZING!!!  All you teachers, nurses, office staff and factory workers will love these-they are soo cute and fabulous and only $5!!!

Now here is the MOST IMPORTANT thing-CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! How many of you have got your lists ready or are trying to do some early shopping to get some of that list taken care of???  Wouldn't it be awesome to buy your mother-in-law a fabulous Necklace set or your daughter and her friends some amazing earrings?  How about an easy stocking stuffer for the little Divas-Paparazzi has some adorable Jewelry for little girls and they are only $1!!!  Christmas shopping can be a one stop shop with all the ladies on your list and it can be AFFORDABLE!!!  And you can buy something for you too!!!  Because it is only $5!! You can save your money to go towards those BIGGER purchases (or even bills)!!!!

Lastly I just want to share that I LOVE what I do.  It's fantastic that I can help empower women to feel beautiful about themselves for only $5!!  I am one of those women who puts everyone before myself and never really buy anything for myself beyond the necessary items. I would have guilt just in buying my favorite facial cleanser and moisturizer because I considered them luxury items. Sound like any of you??  I walked into my first Paparazzi party and saw some cute earrings for only $5-I had $5!!! So I bought them! And guess what? I felt like a million bucks!!  I get to help women feel that way every time I sell something!!   This Holiday season is the best time to be a Paparazzi Consultant because everyone has gift giving to do-and $5 is a wonderful price for gorgeous jewelry!!  IF you are interested, I would love to talk to you about signing up and joining my team $5 Fashionistas!!  You take home 45% of sales plus there is no demonstrations!! 
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