Saturday, July 14, 2012

6 weeks and getting ready!!

I cannot believe I am down to 6 weeks-I am so happy to be so close to the finish line.  This has been a pretty tedious pregnancy but not my worst  (Whitney's will hands down always be the worst).  I am excited to meet this new little girl-hold her and see her sweet face. Even Joe is excited-he was telling me the other day when our entire family was spending time together in the living room, that it felt like someone was missing.  It just validated to me that this little girl is meant to be part of our family-she isn't a mistake (huge surprise) and our family will hopefully be complete very soon!!  Gathering optional names has been a bit tiresome but I think we are narrowing it down and we are in our final stages of getting ready and prepared for her arrival.  I just forced Joe to dig out my girl clothing totes out of the garage today and I was shocked at how much I still have and also a bit shocked on the things i didn't have anymore.  I remember Brooke had about 10 dresses (at least) for 0-3 months-and I am down to 2.  I think most people assume when you have more than one kid-that you don't need anything with your next children but eventually things wear out and become more of safety hazard then functional or you gift things away or sell them (especially when you thought you were done having children). Our crib is the one thing I can say will have outlasted all of our children-thankfully.  We have just a few more things to purchase, hospital bag to pack, and organizing the house a bit more and then we're all set.  I haven't posted a belly shot of me yet but my sister in law did take our family pictures a week ago and I want to share one with you!! I love how it turned out!!  I will share some more when we get them back-there are some really adorable ones of the kiddos!!

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