Tuesday, April 17, 2012

That time of year again!

 Yes-Spring...which inevitably makes you think of Spring Cleaning at some matter how long we want to put it off-it has to be least at my house.  I'm still not feeling the best-but with the sun shining more-it just puts that itch in me to organize better and declutter.  Ofcourse finding out we are going to be having daughter #4--Yes we are having a baby girl!!- has brought us full circle to the question "where are we going to put four girls?"   If baby had been a boy -than it would have shared a room with Trevor and the 3 girls would remain sharing.  Now that there will be a 4th and I don't see us moving any time soon...we are having to do some rearranging...we will transform our Bonus Room into the Master Bedroom and make the Master bedroom our 4th bedroom..hence 2 girls in each room and Trevor with his own.  SO no more playroom/computer room...we have to now get rid of alot of toys and narrow them down to what I feel is appropriate to have in a bedroom. I have loved having a bonus room because I could keep all toys out of the bedroom-hence less distraction to keep kids awake and playing at night.  But I am looking forward to less toys to clean up!! With 5 kids...I'm sure I will appreciate it. Heck with 4 i'd appreciate any help. Now to come up with some creative ways to store the toys my kids choose to keep.  SO without further ado---here are my favorites I've found that I am loving:

Clear Drawstring Bags: kids can easily see what is in each bag!

                                                         Underbed chalkboard storage containers-so toys are labeled

Coolest thing ever: Magnetic Knife strip for toy cars-GENIUS!

I am picturing stuffed animals in these 2 and they both hang up!!

Corkboard or Magnetic strip to hang up pictures!

Another Underbed storage idea-I like this more for books/coloring books.
I love this idea for book storage-it hangs too!!  Less on the floor is ideal to me!


NaDell Ransom said...

Is there a place in a family room where you could put toys on a bookshelf with each kid having their own special shelf so that most of the toys aren't in their rooms? I always have thought that it's nicer to have them playing with their friends (especially when they are small) where I can see them and not behind closed doors. I really like the fun organizing ideas you found and would love to see what you pick to use. =)

Arin said...

Nadell i have done a basket of toys in the living room before and still prefer my living room to be toy free...our house has a very open plan so i know where everyone is at and what they are doing..its all one level. if i had a living room and a family room, id maybe go back to the basket. I like the bookshelf idea..but we dont own one yet..its on my list of yard sale finds this year!

Arin said...

Oh closed doors while friends are over to play..its a rule at our house. i dont like how it can exclude others plus safety issues as well.