Monday, January 09, 2012

Life has been one crazy ride lately!

So life seems to be catching up to me slowly...Through Christmas and my new enterprise as a paparazzi consultant-school activities and doctor visits, I feel like I have been going non-stop.  And now that school has started back up again and my family is relatively healthy once more-things are starting to settle down a bit.  I have also just come to the conclusion that I have to say no to things and live day by day as well.  Brooke is no longer going to be doing physical therapy until we are all done with surgeries/casts on her feet.  I think it has been a  bit traumatic for her to be going in and out of doctor/specialists' offices so often that I decided she needed a break too.  It was a nice plan to think I could get everything taken care of all at once-but sometimes it isn't always for the best.  So I am slowing down the pace around my household and trying to get organized little by little.  This year I am going to take my time and simplify as much as I know how/and can stand to.  So what does the new year bring for you?  What goals do you have and how are you going about putting them in motion?


Grandma said...

I NEED more pics of the babies!!! CRAVING to see MORE!!! Can I have Whitney and Amber for Spring Break?

Jake and Angie said...

If you figure out how to get oraganized, let me know!