Friday, September 17, 2010

Last Few weeks..playing catch up

First Day of School

The girls started school three weeks ago and here are pictures of their first day of class. Whitney actually got through the waiting list we had her on for an art magnet school here and will be switching schools next Monday. So now the girls will be going to two different schools until next year when Amber automatically can transfer there. I really like Amber's teacher so far so it's okay that she wasn't able to get into the new school as well.

Last week was the girl's first soccer games-unfortunately they didn't have their uniforms by that time yet. Fortunately Amber made 7 saves as goalie and Whitney got to play both midfield and defense. She was really aggressive too and stole the ball a few times as well. I loved that Amber made this pose without even thinking about it...i had to laugh and pull out the camera to catch it.
At Home
During lunchtime I get to sit across from this cutie and her duck family!
I also finally started to feed Trevor solids-here is a picture-he kept giving me these deer in the headlight looks each time I tried to capture him smiling. It was funny.


Synergy Girl said...

Your kids are so cute...!! I love those first feedings...I have been giving Romy her first solids this week...she HATED me at first for it...and now, she can't get enough!!

MOM said...

I just love the pics!!! Thank you... I really need video?.. I am planning to come see you in Oct. some time.
Do you have the dates the girls play in Oct?
I have got to get an idea of what to put on Trevors sock . Any ideas.. My grandkids are the best looking kids!!!
Gotta love it!!!! MOM and Grandma or Bamma (for Brooke)

Jake and Angie said...

What is an Art Magnet school?

Arin said...

An art magnet school is a school that focuses on learning through the use of art. They go to a seperate class for art, in 4&5 grades they have the option to learn how to play an orchestra instrument. It also has smaller class sizes than a traditional public school-we mainly made the switch for social reasons as well as a better learning environment for Amber next year.