Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The OH NO!! episodes with children

So after reading about some mischievous doings by other children, I thought I would make a post of the worst messes my children have made thus far-and which child was responsible.

1. One bottle of Hershey syrup spilled on carpet in apartment: it all came out-i was about 7 months pregnant with amber and scrubbed for at least one hour-then steam cleaned it the next day. I was determined to get our deposit back. -Whitney

2. One half gallon of paint-spilled on carpet in front room-child with it from the elbows down, after stripping child of clothes and hurriedly putting them in washer i grabbed our steam cleaner and started suctioning like mad-when i thought i had cleaned it all up, realized that child had decided to make the wall, fireplace and wooden built in hutch her creative canvases-with a final wipe off on the handrest of the couch. Needless to say not all of that came out-with exception of the tiled fireplace and wooden hutch-worked on that one first.---Amber

3. 3/4 bottle of baby oil gel in toddler's hair-washed her hair three times with baby shampoo, then with my shampoo. Then with dish detergent-that seemed to get the most oil out. She smelled like lemon scented joy for the next week. -Whitney

4. 90% of maple syrup bottle poured-not spilled-on carpet. Steam cleaned it three times..still sticky..used laundry detergent mixed with water...still sticky...Finally took someone's advice and boiled water as hot as i could and poured it over then toweled it up as good as possible. When it dries, i will let you know if it is still sticky.-Amber

5. Markers from eyesight level down-scribbled all over the walls-on some of the carpet-and all over two half-dressed children. Can't count how many towels went through that night or how loud the girls screamed as dad hosed them down in the shower. Didn't know whether to laugh or scream as I entered to find that mess. (Photo above tells some of the story) Amber seemed to have given whitney the 80's hologram makeup look to her eyes-in purple and blue and I think their bottoms were covered with all of the ink from the two brown markers-Joe couldn't stop laughing about that part. -Whitney and Amber

Hope this was enjoyable to read and that it makes you feel that you aren't the only parent who on occasion wonders if there will ever be a time when "too quiet" doesn't mean you are going to find a crazy surprise when seeking out children.


Mikaela said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone! Thanks for this post Arin, I needed to read it! lol! I'm sure it was geared just for me. Your girls look so cute, even though they're covered in marker!

arin said...

Well the paint spill was the most frustrating because Joe was five minutes from arriving home and I really wasn't in the mood to hear the "where were you when this happened" question..i knew i would get. He has learned since then that with our children you could be two feet away and stuff still happens.

Kendra said...

OMG, I just found this and today I am on mess #2 from my 3 year old. This morning it was a full cup of coffee that my husband left out. Luckily it wasn't hot. It was all over the family room couch and carpet. Now I am trying to find a site on how to get baby oil out of the carpet and upolstery of my living room couches, pillows, besides all over the bathroom and him. His older brother was in the bath with him and the bottle was child proof. yeah right. URRGGG I think the child has ruined over half of our possesions in his short three years. I thought we were over this. It use to be markers on walls and spitting juice at his brother. I am glad to see we aren't the only ones with this problem. I am also a dancer, well was...maybe there is a connection. Good luck with yours and thanks for the reassurance that I am not alone.